PathCare Nigeria, the country's foremost laboratory testing service provider, will be embarking on a new relationship with SYNLAB. This relationship will see PathCare Nigeria being renamed SYNLAB. It will bring us into global alignment and make us part of SYNLAB's global network, operating in more than 35 countries across four continents.

This new relationship will help us fulfil our vision of transforming Nigerian healthcare by making first-world healthcare services accessible to all Nigerians. This vision includes developing infrastructure and expanding our locations and footprint, but it is mainly built around our hopes for what pathology services can do in Nigeria to improve and develop the public health sector. As laboratory testing forms the backbone of any healthcare system with over 70% of medical diagnoses requiring some level of pathology, we strive to ensure that we can always perform as many medical tests as possible, and to provide accurate and timely results, all at a reasonable and affordable price. We believe this vision aligns perfectly with SYNLAB's global strategy.

SYNLAB is the largest medical diagnostics services provider in Europe and its global strategy is built around five key elements. It aims to provide:

  1. local access to customers that draws on the breadth and depth of SYNLAB's international expertise;
  2. a strong focus on medical innovation;
  3. competitive cost, high quality services with quick turnaround times;
  4. superior logistics built around combining hubs and centres of excellence;
  5. and best-in-class processes, organisation and expertise.

SYNLAB focuses on customer centricity, enabled by service innovation and excellence. SYNLAB hopes to become the most trusted brand in the world for providing reliable diagnostic services in line with the SYNLAB slogan of "Any Test, Anywhere, Anytime".

This new relationship will allow our customers to access wider test options (including highly specialised options), and benefit from SYNLAB's network of 20 000 staff performing 500 million tests every year in more than 35. Our customers will also be able to benefit from reduced costs, faster turnaround times, and improved systems, processes and operational efficiencies.

The process of becoming a part of SYNLAB will take seven months to complete. During this time we will be working closely with all our partners, vendors and clients to ensure that the process is a smooth one and that the new relationship is reflected across all our facilities. We will also be implementing several new technology platforms over the coming months. The first of these platforms is PathProvider, that was launched in September. More advanced tests and services will become available as we become more integrated into the SYNLAB network.